Your Database has Needs

Is your database sluggish? Strugling with security? Do you have querries that run for minutes at a time? Your database needs to be optimized so it can work for you, not the other way around. Our team of professionals can not only resovle the issues your database is suffering from, but restore a solid foundation to your data warehouse, giving you the stability, security and optimized speeds you expect from an enterprise class system. Don't stay trapped in reaction mode, get in touch with ProPAAS and get your database problems solved.

Our Clients

ProPAAS was created by Consistent State. Consistent State / ProPASS have a growing client base spanning multiple industry sectors. A sampling of our clients includes those listed below.

Fixed Cost Services

We are a Professional PostgreSQL Services shop, we specialize in Managed/"Fixed Cost" services that produce real value at a fixed cost.


This is a 2 - 3 week process where we analyze your database traffic, database metrics and database architecture. The final report includes data and metrics to support our findings, and a set of specicific recommendations broken into short, medium and long term goals.

ProPAAS Monthly Service

The ProPAAS Monthly Service is our primary PostgreSQL As A Service offering. This service offers ongoing support and direction for a low fixed monthly cost. The ProPAAS Monthly Service includes a number of benefits at no additional cost such as:

  • Setup of monitoring
  • Daily review of metrics
  • Data analysis
  • Ongoing DB reports

At ProPAAS all of our trainers are also active field consultants so you get a trainer who "has been there" and can offer real world scenarios throughout the training course. We can customize the training to your specific needs, and all of our courses are lab-heavy so students gain a hands-on understanding of the course material.