Top Features of PostgreSQL

Got four minutes? Take a look at why and where PostgreSQL is being used! All quotes taken from


There was quite a bit of debate when we were deciding what tools would best serve as the foundation of FlightAware's ambitious goals. For the underlying database, however, the choice to use PostgreSQL was quite clear from the very beginning. -David McNett, Chief Information Officer,

FlightAware provides real time tracking on a global scale, pulling data from air traffic control systems in over 55 countries and their ADS-B ground systems in over 175 countries, as well as global datalink satellites. This information is available for air traffic control systems across the world. Why postgreSQL for the underlying database? Because you can’t risk dropping a table of flights from the system, or having data dropped or corrupted across the line. Designed from the ground up to survive a server power loss at any time with no data loss, it is the most reliable database available as well as incredibly versatile, able to interact with numerous systems simultaneously without error.


We have been quite successful in growing the databases as the company has grown, both in number of users and in the complexity of services we offer. -Hannu Krosing, Skype

Skype is a video chat platform and their approach with postgreSQL is to use a traditional stored procedure interface for accessing data. On top of that are proxy servers which hash SQL requests to a set of database servers that actually carry out queries. The result is a horizontally partitioned system that is believed to scale to handle 1 billion users.


We process over 18,000 queries per second on over 300GB of user data on our PostgreSQL servers, and those numbers go up every month. -Gavin Roy, CTO,

Overall, PostgreSQL has been faster than the commercial product from which we converted. -Kevin Grittner, Wisconsin Court System

MyYearbook’s speed is not in any way unique, nor near the upper limits of what PostgreSQL is capable of.

Active Development:

Zalando relies on the stability and performance of hundreds of PostgreSQL database servers to continuously serve millions of customers all around Europe.We keep up with the latest development of PostgreSQL since 2010 ... and every new release brings us more performance and usability improvements that we take advantage of practically from day one. -Valentine Gogichashvili, Zalando Technologies

Always being grown and developed, postgreSQL has added features with every new release without detracting or overly complicating the base system. For example, PG9 added streaming replication and hot standby and later PG10 added logical replication, full text search for JSON/JSONB and true parallel query support.

High Availability:

Quorum commit for synchronous replication in PostgreSQL 10 gives more options to extend our ability to promote database infrastructure with nearly zero downtime from the application perspective. This allows us to continuously deploy and update our database infrastructure without incurring long maintenance windows. -Curt Micol, Simple Finance

No Fees and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership:

Our customers are typically homeless shelters and food banks that don't have thousands of dollars per-core to throw away, so we switched to PostgreSQL. -Jonathon Sisson, Database Administrator, Bowman Systems LLC

In our experience the TCO for PostgreSQL is significantly lower compared not only to commercial rivals but also to competing open source products such as MySQL. -Maksym Sobolyev, SippySoft Inc.


"By default, PostgreSQL is probably the most security-aware database available ..." Database Hacker's Handbook