The company

Our goal is to provide Professional grade PostgreSQL services as a packaged solution, ensuring you can count on your PostgreSQL architecture to be in line with best practices. Consistent month to month costs helps reduce budgeting guesswork and gives you stability and peace of mind.


Database server resource usage and system catalog metrics of PostgreSQL clusters are compiled into reports for analysis from your database server's log files. Our staff of PostgreSQL Professionals will review these metrics and reports daily and respond to alerts as needed.

Standard Utilities

Our standard utilities streamline a number of Database Monitoring and Administration tasks in key areas such as monitoring, Backup and Recovery, Query reporting, Tuning efforts. Our utilities combined with our field experience allow us to get clients on the right track quickly and keep them there as they scale.


We deploy monitoring, perform analysis, and work with you to ensure that all your PostgreSQL architecture is in line with best practices. We also measure capacity, monitor risk and ensure that your PostgreSQL systems will scale with your needs.


Our PAAS services include regular reporting on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the level of service. These reports are like mini database server assessments on a weekly or monthly basis, which present key metrics and analysis across time, identify red flags, bottlenecks or negative trends and recommend actions to address these same issues.

Fixed Cost Services

We are a Professional PostgreSQL Services shop, we specialize in Managed/"Fixed Cost" services that produce real value at a fixed cost.


This is a 2 - 3 week process where we analyze your database traffic, database metrics and database architecture. The final report includes data and metrics to support our findings, and a set of specicific recommendations broken into short, medium and long term goals.

ProPAAS Monthly Service

The ProPAAS Monthly Service is our primary PostgreSQL As A Service offering. This service offers ongoing support and direction for a low fixed monthly cost. The ProPAAS Monthly Service includes a number of benefits at no additional cost such as:

- Setup of monitoring
- Daily review of metrics
- Data analysis
- Ongoing DB reports


At ProPAAS all of our trainers are also active field consultants so you get a trainer who "has been there" and can offer real world scenarios throughout the training course. We can customize the training to your specific needs, and all of our courses are lab-heavy so students gain a hands-on understanding of the course material.

OUR staff

At ProPASS our PostgreSQL staff is second to none. We have professional engineers across the globe, and are always recruiting and training more. This allows us to ensure consistent, professional support for you, regardless of your timezone.

We continuously train our staff internally via cross training, brown bag tech talks and mentoring. Both junior and senior staff members are involved, giving you seamlessly support on an ongoing basis

Interested in working with us? We are often looking for both junior and senior PostgreSQL Engineers. Send us your contact information to

Our clients

ProPAAS was created by Consistent State. Consistent State / ProPASS have a growing client base spanning multiple industry sectors. A sampling of our clients includes those listed below.

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